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Stand & Tree Bundle

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Our premium-grade Nordmann Firs are known for their deep green foliage, no-drop needles and fragrant scent.

All of our trees are sustainably grown in the UK, and are the only real Christmas trees that meet our high standards of appearance, feel and smell.

The trees' soft needles stem from symmetrically arranged branches, producing the classic pyramid shape we all look for in the perfect real Christmas tree.

Simply select your size, book a delivery date and leave the rest to us!

The Cinco Advantage 6: combining a water reservoir with strength and durability.

The low and wide reservoir allows easy access for topping-up and accommodates a wide range of trunk sizes. 

  • The Cinco Advantage 6' is for Christmas Trees up to 6'ft, water capacity 4.8 pints (2.75 lt).
  • Plastic bolts to clamp and hold your tree.
  • Spikes to keep your tree in position.
  • Low, wide easy-fill water reservoir.
  • Spill-guard protects flooring.
  • Strong wall and rib construction.
  • Made from non-breakable polypropylene.
  • Overall product size 30cm.

The Nordmann Fir is native to the mountains south and east of the Black Sea in Turkey, Georgia and the Russian Caucasus. Despite its distant origins, it has secured its place as the most popular Christmas tree in UK, finding a home for itself 2,000 miles from where it began.